Welcome to Whine & Cheese, Inc.

A safe space for Black women to bond and build community. Enjoy a 2-week free trial.

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Who We Are

Whine & Cheese, Inc. is a community for Black women who need a safe space to express, reflect and reset among like-minded women and without pretense.

We believe that authenticity and vulnerability are the new currency and having a space to be honest about how we feel -- without the pressure of needing to have it all figured out -- is a sure way to receive a return on investment. 

Whine & Cheese differs from other civic and social organizations in that we focus heavily on the practice of radical self care. We recognize that we are better equipped to serve others only after adequately pouring into ourselves.


What We Give

Our goal is to pour into you, both personally and professionally, so that you can serve those around you from your saucer (overflow) and not your cup. We provide:

  • A safe, confidential and judgement-free space to engage with other women who simply get it
  • Relevant resources on self-care/wellness, career, finance, relationships and spirituality
  • Access to mentors and coaches
  • Opportunities to join tribes -- based on common interests -- and connect through virtual and in-person events, when safe.

What You Gain

We welcome you to join us!  When you become a member, you can guarantee:

  • A shared commitment to support, encourage and uplift one another
  • A personal cheering squad and accountability partners
  • Being seen, heard and valued as your authentic self

Here's what our members have to say:

I had a tough time creating and maintaining a group of girlfriends as an adult. Whine & Cheese allowed me to establish a sense of community where a gap existed and I’m very grateful for it. 

Whine & Cheese is where we can openly acknowledge that we are not alone in this world. There are genuine women out here that are willing to hear you and help you at the same time.

This is a genuine female friend circle where I can freely discuss the good, bad and ugly in a safe space.

I joined Whine & Cheese to get the support of a diverse group of goal-oriented, professional women who share some struggles common to my own. 


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